New for 2016:
Jurassic Seas

Enter the graveyard of the great Prehistoric Beasts of the Ocean. Walk through the skeletal remains of the once Masters of the Seas and see how their ancestors are still alive today. Learn how they evolved and adapted through time and how you can help keep them to survive into the future...

But what out, some of the most ferocious creatures still seem to be roaming this space - as they pass by the tanks and swim around on the lookout for their next meal... could it be you?!?!


Interactive Game!

Jurassic Seas features a three player interactive dinosaur game with infrared lighting- will you survive?

Meet the mighty Megalodon, one of the largest and most powerful predators in the Jurassic Seas and feed a deadly Plesiosaurus with our state-of-the-art technology screens.




Referred to as the 'living fossil', the Nautilus was around when dinosaurs roamed.


Mudskippers are fish of the subfamily Oxudercinae, within the family Gobiidae.

Port Jackson Shark

The Port Jackson shark is a nocturnal bullhead shark.

Horse Shoe Crab

Horseshoe crabs are marine arthropods.

Tube Worm

A tube worm is any worm-like sessile invertebrate.


Isopoda is an group of crustaceans