Group Tickets

Special Discounts for Groups

Bring your group to SEA LIFE Aquarium for a fun and educational trip! Active, hands-on learning, fascinating educational talks and personal encounters with sea creatures. Explore live creatures from California shores to the ocean’s tunnel.


  • Admission to SEA LIFE Aquarium
  • Leader Guide available
  • SEA LIFE Aquarium patches for Girl Scouts
  • Minimum 10 Girl Scouts or Youth
  • Must be reserved and paid 2 weeks in advance
  • Call 760-438-5346 for reservations

2015 - 2016:

  • Youth (ages 3-12) and Girl Scouts $9
  • Adults, 1:3 ratio, Adults: Children $9
  • Additional Adults $10

Not available Nov 23-24, Dec 22 – Jan 1, weekends July - August.

Self-guided only (no education programs): November 27-30, December 6-7, 22-31, April 1-13, May 17-19, June 18- September 5. 


Optional Educational Programs

Octopus Garden: Body Parts and Behaviors for grades K-2

  • Meet our Giant Pacific Octopus.
  • Discover their camouflage, jet propulsion and ink-squirting capabilities.

Survival at Sea: Habitats and Adaptations for grades K-2

  • Journey across four habitats.
  • See how animals are adapted to live in changing landscapes.

Squid Dissection for grades 3-6

  • Dive into external and internal squid anatomy and compare to humans.
  • Dissect a real squid! Kid-safe equipment.

Call (760) 438-5346 to book today!

Call 760-438-5346
to book your group